Veritasium Animations

I've worked with Derek Muller from Veritasium, making animations for some of his videos.

The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats

7.4M Views Timestamps: 2:09-2:21|3:35-4:34|4:57-5:33|5:41-6:02|6:18-6:50|7:12-8:11|8:23-8:52|13:51-15:04

How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb

2M Views Timestamps: 1:22-1:43|1:51-2:17|2:41-3:23|3:51-4:15|6:08-6:14|6:18-6:36|7:32-7:58|8:10-8:30|11:19-11:36|12:02-12:08

Is Success Luck or Hard Work?

2.3M Views Timestamps: 0:20-0:42|0:45-1:00|1:05-1:10|1:17-1:45|1:53-2:18|2:31-2:54|3:13-3:33|3:39-5:01|6:04-6:29|6:50-7:25|7:33-8:07|8:20-8:32|8:54-9:24

Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?

1.7M Views Timestamps: 0:51-1:07|4:00-4:20|4:32-4:47|4:52-5:15|5:53-6:15|7:45-8:00|10:50-11:05|11:44-12:24

Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow

4.8M Views Timestamp: 7:44-09:30

Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why

4.5M Views Timestamps: 0:00-0:04|2:55-4:42|8:49-9:43|10:10-11:11|12:17-12:29

This equation will change how you see the world (the logistic map)

2.8M Views Timestamp: 10:55-12:02

The Bizarre Behavior of Rotating Bodies, Explained

4.5M Views Timestamps: 0:00-0:07|1:06-1:31|6:44-9:53|9:57-10:08

Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!

5.7M Views Timestamps: 0:58-1:16|5:39-5:59

How Cod Saved The Vikings

1M Views Timestamp: 5:15-5:48

Flamethrower vs Aerogel

1M Views Timestamps: 10:33-10:59|11:01-11:24|11:34-12:00