Animator - Motion Graphics Artist - Illustrator

Born with a passion for Computers, I've always been fascinated by what they can make us feel. I've spent most of my life exploring computers as a tool for communication, trying to create interactive experiences and unique graphic styles you can't find anywhere else. Animation and Motion Graphics is what I'm currently obsessed with, but Illustration and Graphic Design will always be in my heart. 


Coding is an essential part of my life and work. I've worked as a Web Developer and Computer Technician, and that knowledge has always stuck with me. I use coding to bring life to the small details in my animations, make scripts to improve my workflow, develop my webpages, control circuits with Arduino, and have even made some small Videogames


Even if my main tool is the computer, There is a feel to Watercolor and Acrylic that's hard to replicate with software. Sometimes I integrate Physical Media in my work to get the best of both worlds. The result has a unique look and feel, and the process is very enjoyable.


Additionally, I have worked as a Video Editor and Sound Designer for a multitude of projects, Which has provided me with extremely useful abilities to complement my line of work.

I'm always open to share my knowledge and experiences, as well as collaborating in projects that challenge me creatively, you can get in touch with me through mail:



Ammonite Art

Logo, business cards, product design and photography for an arts and crafts business


Asombrosos Libros Ilustrados

A series of 16 animated shorts, each one based upon an illustrated book for children.


Bola De Locos

Branding, logo design and web development for a collective of artists and designers



Small series of illustrations about building a community


Stardust: Origen

Collage-style animation to the beat of a electro-jazz musical track.


The Wild Olive

Watercolor animation for an olive oil ad


Veritasium Animations

Explainer animations for YouTube channel Veritasium



Trippy music video with flowing paint and glitches