Animator - Motion Graphics Artist - Illustrator

Ever since I could remember, I've been enchanted by the incredible stories a computer can help create. It started with a youthful fascination, blossomed into a love for graphic design and illustration, and naturally evolved to where I find myself most immersed today — the dynamic, vibrant universe of animation and motion graphics. It's more than a profession; it's a passion that has been a constant, always taking center stage in my creative journey.

I come from a background rich with coding and web development, a world where logic meets creativity. This experience has not just stuck with me but blossomed, influencing the fine details in my animations, enhancing workflows, and even giving life to some playful video games.

While the digital realm is my playground, I can't resist the call of traditional mediums. There's something about the warmth of watercolor and the depth of acrylic that digital art just can't quite capture. It's not uncommon for me to blend the two, merging the tactile joy of physical art with the boundless potential of digital techniques to craft something genuinely unique.

Oh, and let's not forget the adventures in sound design and video editing that add that extra dash of spice, offering a rich palette of skills to paint from in my animation work.

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Ammonite Art

Logo, business cards, product design and photography for an arts and crafts business


Asombrosos Libros Ilustrados

A series of 16 animated shorts, each one based upon an illustrated book for children.


Bola De Locos

Branding, logo design and web development for a collective of artists and designers



Small series of illustrations about building a community


Stardust: Origen

Collage-style animation to the beat of a electro-jazz musical track.


The Wild Olive

Watercolor animation for an olive oil ad


Veritasium Animations

Explainer animations for YouTube channel Veritasium



Trippy music video with flowing paint and glitches