Hypercube 2000

The Hypercube 2000 is a clock that serves as your personal assistant. This device comes included with a personal diagnose to know how much of each type of work you need throught the day. There are 5 basic types of work every person needs: Physical, Social, Mental, Creative and Monotonous

Not every person needs the same amount of each type of work though, that's why the diagnose is so important. With that information, the device adjusts and displays the assigned hours for each activity in each of the cube's faces, as moving polygons.  Each polygon represents an hour of work and dissapears once youv'e completed it. Rest hours will also be taken into account with the personal diagnose, so you don't have to worry about working too much and ending up tired.

The Hypercube 2000 is adaptable and flexible, it learns from your feedback and easily integrates in your life. It's design is futuristic and modern, powered by the most recent holographic technology. It's also small and wearable, you can fit it in your pocket or wear it as a necklace.