Game Jams

These are some of the games I've done in game jams, some of these are fully made by me but most of them were made in a team.

As a team member I've done programming, illustration and design.


La casa de abue

I was in charge of the programming and also helped with the design.

From Global Game Jam webpage:

Este juego muestra de una manera más agradable los rituales y supersticiones de una típica abuela mexicana, que debe resolver ciertos problemas que ocurren en su hogar mientras su familia está de visita, ésto sin que los miembros de su familia la descubran. La Abuela debe utilizar objetos de su entorno y sus supersticiones para lograr terminar su rutina. Entre los retos se encuentran interacción de objetos varios y de objetivos específicos.



Game made fully by me, I made both the graphics and programming.

From Ludum Dare webpage:

Snake VR is a modern adaptation of the classic Snake for Google VR (Google Cardboard and Daydream). Snake VR is an easy, simple but very fun and innovative game.

The main objective in making it was to search for new game concepts and mechanics for cheap VR, as the rest of VR apps for google cardboard seem very repetitive.

Made by me, for MiniLD #67


Race n' waves Acapulco To Caleta

I helped with the game design and the illustrations. We won the local prize for best game design and the prize for most cooperative team

From Global Game Jam webpage:

Race n' waves is a boardgame based on the idea of ocean waves, in the game, we have two factions, pirates and sharks, the objetuve if the game as a pirate is try to find the mytical city of R'lyeh moving betwen sea and dunes, by the other hand, the sharks aint gonna let the pirates to invide his domains, its the law of the sea, eye by eye and they want to conquer the land.


Guerreros Ciegos

I worked in the game design and illustrations

From webpage:

Los personajes protagonizarán las aventuras que decidan jugar, ya sea la salida de un calabozo, derrotar a un enemigo o buscar objetos del mismo modo que lo hacen los "héroes" en una pelicula. Son los personajes principales del juego.


Information is power

I helped with the game design and made the illustrations.

From Global Game Jam webpage:

In this project we developed a traditional boardgame. The goal of the game is to obtain the signal at the center of the board. This is a 4 player game where each player is a transmission tower that has its own faction trying to conquer the world. This game can also be played using Augmented Reality (AR) with the help of a smartphone camera.